The goal of Local Economic Council is to use the expertise and synergy of stakeholders to devise and implement strategies for Local Economic Development unit. Having this in mind, the council typically includes representatives of both public and private sector, academic community, non-governmental organizations, international donors, and average citizens who have interest and/or a role in economic development. In most cases, the council is set up under the auspices of the Mayor.

The purpose of the Council for Local Economic Development is mainly to:

– Collect information and data in order to determine the reference point within the existing economic sectors, trends and impacts for exploring future opportunities

– Collect input from citizens and stakeholders in the field of Local Economic Development,

– Use these inputs for development of strategy plan and management structure for Local Economic Development, which will be visionary, but at the same time grounded in reality

– Establish/strengthen the professional Unit for Economic Development and professional staff in order to facilitate strategy implementation, and to

– Continue with the development of  strategy

The ability of Local Economic Council (LEV) to create both visionary and practical strategy for local economic development largely depends on its organization and management structure. Most commonly, the assistance in creation of LEV is provided by an expert for economy development (usually a person who performs related work in the city administration) or an organization which performs related work for the needs of the city (Local Development Agency). The same person/organization provides help in the development of an appropriate management structure for Local Economic Council.