Department for Local Economic Development – LED

Department for Local Economic Development – LED officially started to work on 04.07.2014.

Department is established on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding through the Growth-Oriented Local Development project (GOLD), financed by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (SIDA), in order to provide support to local communities in establishing economic growth and achieving development goals.

Department for Local Economic Development is responsible:

  • To provide technical support for development and strengthening capacities of the Local Economic Development (LED) Unit in the City
  • To provide support in forming and functioning of Local Economic Council (LEC), which consists of representatives from public and private sector, academic communities and donor agencies, with the purpose of making comprehensive (LED) strategy
  • To apply for projects to domestic and foreign donors (Embassies, IPA –funds, Ministries, Development Agencies and other donors)
  • To perform all activities related to energy efficiency of local community
  • To provide constant technical support to other departments in the City Administration,  to the extent to which those departments are involved in activities of LED
  • To support creation of LED „tool“ in order to point to the importance of the City in potential investment opportunities
  • To connect the City and stakeholders with sources of help, mentoring programs (twinning) and other opportunities related to exchange of knowledge and experience
  • To provide help in formulating and creating strategies and methods for access to public-private partnerships or other methods for financing capital projects
  • To develop statistical databases and databases about potential investors
  • To provide help in creating, translating and distribution of materials related to LED, such as guides, manuals, training modules
  • To coordinate visits of potential investors, LED events
  • To provide a particular support to LED activities related to investments


Head of department for Local Economic Development – LED: Nataša Tučić

Address : Vuka Karadzica 2,  Trebinje
Telephone: +387 59 274 402
+387 59 260 742